haha_home_iconGreg Schwem can’t stop laughing about his kids, and what it’s like to be a parent.  As a 30-year stand-up comedy veteran, Greg has traveled the world entertaining Fortune 500 companies, hilariously documenting the foibles of business and technology. But invariably he found himself telling stories about his two daughters on stage, including their 100 percent devotion to text messaging, their desires to document their entire lives via social media and their American Girl doll phase.  His experiences also became frequent fodder for his weekly humor column, nationally syndicated by Tribune Content Agency.  Realizing early on that parenting requires the skills of a corporate executive, it seemed only natural to create FunnyDadInc.  Parents, spend a few minutes on this site, laughing and relating.  Greg promises it’s easier to navigate than Snapchat.

The ''Clean Your Room Rap''

The 2009 video that started it all. (Yes, Justin Bieber was pure then)

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